Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amy doll

Amy is one of the most endearing, enduring favorites from the SewSweet Dolls pattern collection. She is designed to resemble my daughter Amy at age 3, and -"yes", her hair really was that long. I just finished a phone conversation with an old customer who was reminiscing about the Amy dolls she made 20 or more years ago. She is now making them for her great grand daughters.
Amy 16" & Willie Bear 4"

Little girls always like long hair. (Actually, that's not exclusive to little girls - lots of people like long hair.) Amy loved it, as a little girl, and has her whole life. She was really upset with me when she got her first hair cut, before kindergarten. She looked adorable, but - her hair was never short again until she was a career woman, and decided to try it again.

Amy has additional clothes patterns that give her a nice variety of styles to pieces to mix and match. She's a fun gift for little girls, and fun to sew.
The person I mentioned earlier said that she had made dolls for all her daughters and grand daughters. Her son wasn't so sure his son should have a doll, but has changed his mind. It seems that they are 'expecting' a baby boy, and big brother has already named him - so she is making a baby boy doll for him.


  1. All your carole dolls are beatiful , my mom made me 2 or 3 different. My mom pass away last year and she left a few of your lovely patterns that i'm going to make for my daugther.

  2. Over the years I have made hundreds of Amy dolls. I love her and her extra clothes.

  3. Thanks for your nice comments. Amy has been one of our best selling doll patterns from the beginning. Many doll makers tell me they made my dolls for their daughters, and now are making them for their grand daughters! Sew much fun! I love hearing your stories.